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    • 2019 Highlights

      Our 20th Anniversary will celebrate the best of the best. Throughout the years, Odyssey women have provided us with feedback on the best speakers, workshops, coaches, and entertainment.

      We are proud to present the best of the best. To view our 2019 agenda, speakers, and happenings.

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      EXUBERANT | Saluting Our Brightest Stars
      …A New Generation Of Leaders Emerge

      Sponsor: The Coca-Cola Company
      Celebration: Carnival
      Attire: Red and/or Black

      Jeffrey Osborne


      PROCLAIM | Praising Women Around The World
      …’It’s Our Time’…Right Here, Right Now!

      Sponsor: Intel
      Celebration: Festival of Lights
      Attire: Silver and/or Black



      GRATITUDE | Giving Thanks… Our Rock, Our Foundation, Our Inspiration
      …Thank You Prudential for your support and empowering women around the world!

      Title Sponsor: 20 years and counting!
      Celebration: Times Square – Drop The Ball!
      Attire: Gold and/or Black

      Kenny Lattimore


      JUBILANT | Stepping Out On Faith
      …The Journey Continues – looking back and moving forward

      Celebration: Be Well
      Attire: White and/or Black

      Sponsored By: AT&T The Humanity of Connection